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Acrylic Bubble shifters 100mm 200mm 300mm 400mm

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Team Bingo Performance
Acrylic Bubble shifters 100mm 200mm 300mm 400mm

Australian Supplier Fast Free shipping.

High Quality Acrylic Material Used made to last !

What you get:
1x Bubble Shifter M12 thread 400mm
2x Adaptors to also suit M10 & M8 Threads

Suitable for all vehicle models with the threads M12, M10, & M8 being nearly 99% of all cars using these thread sizes.

Comes with all thread sizes listed:
• M12 / 12mm thread size
• M10 / 10mm thread size
• M8 / 8mm thread size


Please take note as to what shifter size you have selected as thats the size you will be sent.

Available in:
• 100mm / 10cm
• 200mm / 20cm
• 300mm / 30cm
• 400mm / 40cm

Thank your for your support for all your performance and merchandise needs:

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