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About us

Team Bingo Performance 

Bringing you Cars / Performance Parts & Merchandise From all Around The World.

We are a Family run company insuring you only get the best experience, service & advise from our dedicated Team.

Located in Adelaide, South Australia.  

I understand everyone has there preferred place to go for parts and accessory & loyalty is a big thing.

I am not asking you to stop using your "go to guy" but only give us a chance to help you with what you need.

Not everything we sell is listed on the site so if there is something you need please send us and email or message  in the contact us link.

We do special orders and can offer one off buy-in items for you.

Dealing in but not limited to:

  • Wheels / Brake upgrades
  • Turbo upgrades accessories
  • Fuel systems / Injectors / Fuel pumps
  • Engine components  
  • Coil overs / Suspension / Adjustable Arms / Sway Bars
  • ECU upgrades
  • Racing Seats / Steering Wheels & Gear Knobs
  • Car Importing JDM please contact us for Details

With a background in real time areas such as Drift, Drag and Track events we can insure all our knowledge is backed from hands on experience working with and on performance cars.

Well versed in anything Japanese ( JDM ) also having a broad Performance knowledge, able to help with any other Makes/Models. 

  • What We Expect For You.
  • We are here for you that's the main point.
  • You come first.
  • Simple easy transactions
  • Real support we're just an Email / Message / Call away 

The Background Story.


My Names Alex & this is our story...Team Bingo was just a name between friends many moons ago when we all worked under the dim glow of street lights.

Just a group of friends mainly involved in Drift.

We came about in early 2000's with our name but in 2008 officially with the first stickers being produced.

Team Bingo was nothing but a name that i thought of that we used to label a group of Friends involved with anything cars.

As time went on being in the automotive field myself at the same time also being a customer, I was left feeling no one really understood the needs or really wanted to help.

We can all relate to the typical sale person giving you the spill to sell you something you don't really need at the same time has no interest in what you doing. 

Personally i got sick of it empty promises wrong parts or you will need THIS THIS & this i was over it.

Team Bingo Performance was Born "BOOOOOOMMMMMM" well i feel like it was a lot more involved then that but it's the long story short sort of thing we are going for here.

I use my hands-on experience working on cars / building cars to pass on real advise with out all the BS, I am not here to just sell you a bunch of what you don't need.

In the end your talking to me and your only going to find honesty, integrity and someone that cares.

-Alex ( Team Bingo Performance )