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Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifter Extensions 2004-2014

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Lamborghini Gallardo / Superleggra & Spider 2004-2014 E-Gear
Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifter Extensions

We are happy to announce thats we can now offer Gallardo owners a little bit of relief from the factory fitted stumpy paddles that we have had to deal with.

These hand made Carbon Fiber Extensions simply slip over the current E-gear paddles no glue or modification needed.

Offering well over 70% more length in paddle size these make for an easy find for any quick gear change even more so when coming into corners.

Offering that extra length helps when the wheel is off centre still being able to reach the paddles with ease while turning.

Attention to detail is a must so all of our paddles are made in a high grade Carbon fiber weave matching all existing Gallardo carbon fiber interior.

Simple slip on design and increase in surface size, making for easier and more accurate shifting.

  • Fits all Lamborghini Gallardo vehicles (2004-2008) and all Lamborghini Gallardo LP vehicles (2009-2014) Spider & Superleggra Models also.
  • Over 600% increase in paddle surface area
  • Constructed from Carbon fiber weave for maximum quality and durability
  • Finished in a high Gloss finish.
  • Simple slip-on installation allows for easy install and removal 

What you get:
1x Pair Carbon Fiber Paddles Suit Gallardo E-Gear 2004-2014 ( Gloss Finish )
Package Foam padded Box

These paddles are made to be a simple slip on off design with a inner lining if you choose the inner lining can be removed and double sided tape can be used for a more permanent option
( not supplied )
We personally have not felt the need to stick the paddle on and have been doing a lot of R & D as they are, with not sign of needed to be fixed or stuck but this is personal preference.

Please Note:
due to being hand made and manufactured paddles can have very slight differences from left to right paddle being independent Moulds. still retaining high standard regardless in all areas form finish and carbon fiber weave.

Thank you for your support please find us in the link below for all your performance and merchandise needs:

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