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Super Gold Reflective Heat Tape Wrap Adhesive Foil Tape

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Super Gold Heat Tape

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1x Roll Gold reflective heat tape
•Size 2” wide x 4.5 meters long
•Temp heat range 675°F ( 360°c ) reflective surface range.
• Self-Adheres to most surfaces ( need to be clean surface )


Defend against high heat with Super Gold Tape
Used by the space industry to protect sensitive instruments
Reflects heat and protects sensitive engine components from high engine temps
Constructed of highly reflective, metalized polyimide film and woven glass cloth
Withstands up to 675°F of radiant heat
Film is laminated to glass cloth with a high-temp laminating adhesive
Firmly self-adheres thanks to high-temperature, pressure-sensitive adhesive
Adhesive is protected by an easy-to-remove backing
Measures a scant 0.005" thick


Constructed of a highly reflective, metalized polyimide film, super gold foil tape is laminated to woven glass cloth. It can be used to wrap just about any engine component. Simply peel the easy-to-remove backing and apply. Thanks to the high-temperature, pressure-sensitive adhesive, the heat wrap firmly self-adheres.

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