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HKS Air Filter Replacement 200mm Green & Red Dry 3 Layer Australian Stock

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HKS Filter Replacement

Green & Red 200mm Dry 3 Layer

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HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded Replacement Filter.

Engine power is directly related to the rate of incoming and outgoing airflow, and many factory intake systems are highly restrictive, thus limiting engine horsepower and torque. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to increase engine response is to replace the stock air cleaner or intake system with our high performance aftermarket product. HKS high performance air intake systems offer an optimal balance of air filtration and increased airflow for maximum performance and protection

• Suits 200mm Pod filter can also be used for 150mm but will need to cut down.

In order to increase vehicle performance, it is not as simple just reducing intake resistance. Even if intake efficiency and performance is increased, there is the possibility of causing faults with the cars factory computer system and sensors which can lead to engine damage. In recent years, car computers require very precise and accurate control in order to maintain modern fuel efficiency and emission standards. Even the slightest errors can lead to engine failure in several months time. HKS parts are carefully designed to extract the maximum for each vehicle application whilst working within the limits of the cars on board computer.

The HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded intakes dramatically increase the area in which air can be drawn in due to its open air filter design. The increased volume of intake air will improve engine output over replacement panel filters. The open air filter also delivers a sporty induction note to enhance the feeling of improved performance and efficiency.

Super Power Flow Reloaded is improved over previous generation units with the following new features:

New "Super Stealth Frame" uses a honeycomb design to increase the air filter area by 30% over previous generations. The newly added frame support gives additional strength to the outer frame and makes the removal and refitting of the outer frame easier in times of future maintenance
Aluminium back plate for added strength and durability.
Streamlined inner frame constructed of 16 parabolic fins create a simple yet effective solution for optimised air flow.
New 3 layer filter design improves filtration properties whilst maintaining the balance between, air flow, filtration and filter life.
The "Super Lip Funnel" was developed in order to maximise the air flow efficiency in the limited amount of space. This system allows for high air flow applications where space is limited.

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