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Dual Purpose Blow Off Valve Direct fit XR6 Turbo BA BF FG 25mm BOV WRX Universal

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Dual Purpose Blow Off Valve Direct fit XR6 Turbo BA BF FG 25mm WRX / Universal

Will Suit XR6 BA BF FG

WRX only early Models with 25mm Hose Connection  / Will not suit WRX with intercooler bolt on style ( Please Check your model first )

Duel Purpose 25mm Blow off Valve ( BOV ) 

🇦🇺Australian supplier no waiting weeks✅

Made from CNC machined alloy this BOV is made to fit any 25mm Inlet & outlet for turbo chargers vehicles.

Why is this Better then my standard BOV  ?⬇️
Benefits over standard BOV's that are generally made of plastic that degrade, crack, & leak over time, this alloy BOV can take higher amounts of PSI that the factory unit would struggle to hold with increased boost or modifications.

Whats duel Purpose mean ?⬇️
Duel Purpose application means not only can this BOV be a direct fit for standard return type BOV it can also be swapped out to vent straight to atmosphere with its trumpet adaptor simple screw off design can be swapped out in seconds.

Why is this better then a duel port  ? ⬇️
Best part about having the option to swap out the return or the vent to atmosphere adaptors depending on state you live in the atmosphere vent can be illegal to run on the street so you have to options unlike the Duel port that can't be changed.

What you get:
•1x BOV 25mm ( Black )
•2x vac lines 5-6mm & 3-4mm thick walled
•2x hose clamps for inlet & outlet
•2x vac step downs 6 to 4mm & 4 to 2mm
•1x return adaptor ( vent return )
•1x trumpet adaptor ( Vents to atmosphere )

Please see pictures for measurements✅

Inlet & outlet 25mm
Body of BOV height 80mm ( refer to picture )

As with all our products we do recommend professional qualified fitters to have the safest possible install.

We take no reasonability for any damages caused to any vehicle or to the BOV it self these are fitted at own risk. 
Atmosphere vent is for track use only.

Thanks for your support ✅

Team Bingo Performance