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Blitz SBC I-color Spec Metal Silver Multi Function Boost Controller Full Colour

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Brand New blitz i-colour

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Introducing the New Blitz SBC i-Color Multi Fuction & Full Color DisplaySBC i-ColorThis product's purpose is to control the boost of the turbocharger and improve the output of the engine.

Introducing the New Blitz SBC i-Color Multi Fuction & Full Color Display

SBC i-Color

This product's purpose is to control the boost of the turbocharger and improve the output of the engine. A state of the art digital controller for an accurate gain in boost pressure, which controls two highly efficient sequential solenoids, achieves a minimum over shoot on peak boost and a stable boost pressure.

Features of the product

Boost control & power meter function.

An added function, the Result graph, which displays the results of power, torque, boost, and A/F overlapping to each other on one screen. It has a function as al logger according to the RPM to compare a maximum of three channels on the horizontal axis that are power, torque, boost and A/F.

The ultimate boost controller

The known full auto function evolves further in the SBC i-D series. A still more precise control is added to the auto boost setup. In addition to the new full auto function in which the self-learning method can be chosen in three steps, a boost according to the RPM and speed is possible to setup to match on all the stages.

Full color (65.000 colors)

The graphics that the full color display made it possible are; such as displaying from analog to digital meter, graph comparison display and a possibility to produce a variation of back ground images. If the optional TEMP sensor and PRESS sensor are connected, it is also possible to display water temperature or oil temperature and oil pressure.

Optional Sensor: CODE 19210 Temp Sensor Set USD 130.00

CODE 19211 Press Sensor Set USD 130.00

Monitoring functions

Digital display:

A total of 12 data (Boost, Tacho, Speed, Power, Temp (Oil/Water), Fuel Press, Oil Press, Data 1-3 (A separate harness is necessary) can be monitored and it can display simultaneously on screen a maximum of six data.

A/F can be displayed at the AUX port or at the external voltage port Data 1-3.

The sensors are necessary to purchase separately.

Analog display:

The Boost, Tacho, Speed, Power, Temp (Oil/Water), A/F, Fuel Press and Oil Press are reproduced as an analog meter image at the LCD. It can monitor a maximum of 4 data, including the digital displays at the screen, and the boost set up is at will. Moreover, the background can also be chosen from a white, black, carbon, and blue.

Multi-angle display function

The display of the LCD can be set as left, right and perpendicular (the LCD at the top) operation angles. By selecting any one of these three angles, the switches also change automatically to the related angle.

Convenient functions

It has a full load of convenient functions, such as a peak display, independent warning setup by source, maximum of 10 minutes of record/replay function (replay function can convert the unit displayed), back light adjustment, dimmer function, contrast adjustment and language selection.

Optional A/F display function

If the optional A/F amplifier unit is connected, the A/F ratio can be measured and monitored, which can compare with boost or other sources. Thus, the boost setting can be broadened.

Regarding the boost controller

Sequential valve control:

Two-solenoid valves operate sequentially depending on the valve-open ratio. Mainly, the first valve will do most of the work at low valve-open ratio and at high valve-open ratio; the second valve will come to play.

Automatic correction of boost pressure (Initial learning):

It will automatically correct to the desired boost pressure that has been configured. A C mark will change color from RED to WHITE when the correction cycle (DUTY value) reaches the desired value. While the C mark is lighted, the SCRAMBLE MODE or the SPEED MAP MODE will not take effect on the used channel. However, the boost control will take effect even if the C mark does not change to WHITE color. This time, to perform the initial learning smoother, the normal, mild and slow function has been added. The Automatic correction of boost pressure is not applicable on manual mode.

External voltage input

It is possible to display, record, and replay by inputting an external voltage of 0-16V up to three channels. It is possible to change the voltage scale from -999 to 9999. It is also possible to arbitrary setup the value. Therefore, it can be used to record the throttle voltage, airflow voltage, water temp and replay for reference as a setting tool. The external voltage input harness is sole separately.

Product name: External voltage input harness

Product number: 15053

Manufacturers suggested price: USD 45.00

Function: It can display external voltage source of 0-16V by taking it to the boost controller

In All there are 18 different color screen ranging from

Upon SBC I-Color activation a Full color Blitz Turbine will appear

Boost Set Up

PRM Controlled Boost Map

Display Warning (Dual Digital Meter)

Needle A/F Meter (Blue)

Chassis Dinamo Power Graph

Dual Digital Meter

Response Setup (Boost Set Up)

Needle Boost Meter (Carbon)

Needle Power Meter (White)

Chassis Dinamo Torque Graph

Needle Fuel Pressure Meter (Carbon)

Six Fold Digital meter

Speed Control Boost map

Needle Speed Meter White

Needle Temp Meter (Black)

Needle Oil Pressure Meter (Blue)

A/F (Air/Fuel) Graph

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