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Bee R Universal Rev limiter / launch control **Flames** Nissan Toyota Mazda Mitsubishi Type B

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Bee R rev limiter ( STYLE ) non Genuine unit 
Rev limiter / launch control
Bang ! Bang !! Bang !!!
Type B - Most Vehicles except Honda.
PART# Type B

DISCRIPTION:Rev Limiter Type B - Most Vehicles

The Racing Rev Limiter cuts ignition when the rev limit has been hit, ensuring protection of the engine in all conditions.
Secondary cut can be hooked up to the hand brake and set to any RPM for launch control purposes.


* Cuts ignition on hitting a rev limit
* Fuel cut is not used, therefore flames can appear as fuel is dumped out of the exhaust
* Iginition cut is preferred over fuel cut. Fuel cut, as used on many standard vehicles, risks damage to high performance engines when at high revs.
* Ignition cut is used in F1, WRC and other forms of motorsport
* Should only be installed by an experienced mechanic
* The Racing Rev Limiter is suitable for a large range of vehicles.
* See the Bee Racing vehicle compatibility reference before purchase
*these are very easy to fit but we strongly recommend these be fitted by a professional to insure a correct fit comes with wiring instructions.

we take no responsibility for fitting or any damaged caused to unit or car.

electrical items are not covered by any warranty. 

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