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Aoshima 1:64 scale Gurachan Collection Liberty Walk Cars Limited Edition JDM

  • $29.99

Liberty Walk Aoshima Gurachan Cars

It can't get any more JDM then this ! 

Rare edition Aoshima 1:64 scale Gurachan Collection Liberty walk die cast Cars.

Can't stress how hard these are to get now these are limited stock. ( RARE ) 

*** PLEASE NOTE READ Carefully below *** 

These are sold as a blind box so what you get is anyone's guess. 

- you will receive 1 box ( 1 car inside ) 

There is no way to pick what you want.  

Blind box mean these are sealed ( NEW )

Not marked and sold as a mystery pick 

So no way of knowing what model you will get.

Please keep that in mind before purchasing.

Personally I would be happy with any of these rare cars as they all have an awesome look about them real JDM flare ! 

Very limited stock what we have is it get in or miss out !

Team Bingo Sticker ( Not included )

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( Team Bingo Performance )  

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