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2" 52mm Triple 3 Guage A Pillar Pod Mount Universal

  • $59.99

3x Gauge 2" / 52mm A Pillar Universal Mounting.


This 3x A Pillar Pod is designed to take three 52mm / 2" standard gauges and mounts to the drivers side inside section of the A Pillar of your Car / 4wd or Truck.


These are universal so please take note to below measurements to see if it will suit your application as we can not tell you if it will fit your make or model.

As such we can not take responsibility for fitment applications.


Dimensions as follows:

• Length 440mm / 44cm

• Width across mounting face 100mm /10cm curved mounting surface.

• Width Gauge pods 110mm / 11cm

• Depth maximum gauge allowance 80mm / 8cm

• Made from an Automotive grade plastic

• Finished in a black Semi gloss raw plastic able to be painted.


These can be trimmed cut and modified very easily to suit most applications.

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