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Defi ZD-Style Advance All in one Gauge 2024 New Version Club Sport Package OBD2 Plug & Play

  • $249.00

New Defi ZD-Style Advance is an all in one display

comes with all the sensors and control unit.

NOW WITH an optional OBD2 Direct Plug in !!!

( Full Kit )

🇦🇺Australian stock & Seller no waiting weeks

Current 2024 Version

🔥🔥NEW version 2 club sport package !🔥🔥 

Updated Software & revised internal components for even more reliability 


Now with OBD plug & play option.


Please note: Not all units are created equal don't just by the cheapest you can find!

all our units are QC tested and passed buy in confidence your getting a checked reliable unit.

We Circuit test all sensors and unit to ensure 100% reliability before installation.

will suit: 

•Full hard wire option with loom / now with OBD2 plug optional ( factory senders ) please note you can only use one option at a time ( hard wire with included senders or OBD2 factory senders ) - you can’t use both.

• Applicable number of cylinders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 vehicles 

• Will work with all ECU as it comes with all sensors provided, unit is stand alone.

• yes these units can be used on Diesel models except the ( Fuel Pressure ) 

The only 2 options that Require ECU input are RPM and Speed we can not guarantee these options will work with all ECU but most JDM models should be fine NO guarantees as cars can differ.


Comes with the following: 1x Kit

  • Advance ZD Link Display Unit
  • Advance Control Unit link BOX New version!
  • OBD2 Direct plug in Loom ( optional ) limited to cars

factory senders only if used.

  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket 
  • Oil Pressure Sensor 
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Oil Temp Sensor
  • Water Temp Sensor 
  • Exhaust Temp Sensor
  • Boost sensor with hose and T-piece 
  • Operation and Installation Manual

The Defi All in one can display:


-Exhaust gas temperature

-Water temperature

-Oil temperature

-Oil pressure

-Fuel pressure

-Boost pressure

-Tacho (requires ECU input) 

-Shift Light LED Display ( Climbing Shift Light )

-Speed (requires ECU input)

-Air/Fuel ratio (using factory O2 Sensor) 

• Can also log 0-100kmh and 0-200kmh 

• Built in trip-meter.

• It has a 3min record feature so you can monitor all of your vehicles data post-lap.

• records all peaks readings.

• Alarms can be set for each reading E.G. Maximum temp, Low oil pressure and so on.

Optional extras to fit sensors:
please find these in our other listings below:
Oil Filter Sandwich Plate (for oil pressure and temp sensors)
Water Temp Sensor Housings for radiator hose.

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