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Holden Ve SS / HSV Fuel Pump 265Lph Genuine Denso Drop In Performance Fuel Pump Upgrade

  • $219.00

Holden VE SS / HSV 265lph Denso drop in Performance fuel pump.

Happy to announce that TBP can now offer you a direct fit for your VE SS or HSV  these little suckers will now not only provide you with a drop in pump they will flow more then your performance Walbro pumps.

Oem quality and reliability Denso Japan fuel pumps

220lph @12v 265lph@ 13.5v

These are the highest quality on the market.

HKS use and offer a lower Denso pump @195lph

In there 600hp + packages that retail for over $790 this alone speaks of the quality and reliability of Denso pumps. 

These pumps will not whine or make any noise like most of your performance based pump due to there turbine design.

Yes they will run e85 and have been very reliable in a lot E85 application but are not warranted under e85 use.

***please note this will not fit some*** HSV models with a twin outlet system T style set up please check set up as returns won't be accepted. 

Always recommend a professional install as fuel pressure may need to be adjusted and small modification to cradle may need to be carried out physical dimensions of these pump to factory are the same. 


Comes with: 


-O ring

-Fuel filter

-Wiring harness.

Please feel free to contact us in regards to an questions you may have.


( Team Bingo Performance)

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